In this episode of Ask Annissa, Annissa talks about packing out vs. cleaning in place. 

Packing out versus cleaning in place is a common dilemma faced by individuals and businesses when dealing with cleaning and restoration projects. Each approach has its own advantages and considerations, depending on the specific circumstances and requirements of the situation. Packing out involves removing items from a space to be cleaned, restored, or repaired off-site. 

This approach is often used for extensive cleaning or restoration projects where items need specialized treatment or when the space is being renovated. Packing out allows for a more thorough cleaning process, as items can be cleaned in a controlled environment with specialized equipment and techniques. On the other hand, cleaning in place involves cleaning and restoring items within the existing space without removing them. This approach is often preferred for smaller cleaning projects or when items are too large or difficult to move.  

Cleaning in place can be more convenient and cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to transport items and reduces the risk of damage during transit. When deciding between packing out and cleaning in place, several factors should be considered, including the extent of the cleaning or restoration needed, the size and nature of the items involved, the availability of resources and equipment, and the timeline for completing the project. 

Ultimately, the choice between packing out and cleaning in place depends on the specific requirements and constraints of the cleaning project. Both approaches have their own benefits and considerations, and selecting the most appropriate method will ensure a successful and efficient cleaning and restoration process.