Industry attorney Ed Cross has announced the launch of a new business venture to add to his current list of offerings to restorers.

Restoration CrossCheck LLC is a team of prominent restoration and insurance industry experts with a proven track record growing restoration companies and working in the trenches to overcome the challenges faced by restorers.

CrossCheck analyzes restoration companies’ aspirations and results, customizing a plan to empower them to withstand industry volatility. It draws from current hands-on experience to accelerate a company’s performance and enhance its culture. Its mission is to provide decisive guidance, education, and expert mentorship to professionals in the restoration ecosystem.

The team consists of many of Ed’s personal mentors and expert witnesses, including Will Akin, Tom Chesnut, Dave Dybdahl, Steve Hamilton, Anthony Nelson, Mark Pasculli, Darrel Paulson, Cole Stanton, Jeff Taxier, and Norma Vally.

The team offers customized restoration price lists, adjuster relations and negotiations training, insurance appraisals, independent estimate reviews, business coaching, risk management, and more. Many members of the team are currently active in restoration businesses, so their perspectives and strategies are current and relevant.

Ed assembled the team fill a gap he saw between what a law firm and a trade association can provide.

“Trade associations are a perfect vehicle to address industry-wide issues, but as a specialty consulting firm, CrossCheck will provide custom-tailored guidance to individual companies,” Cross said. “It can address a broader array of needs than a law firm can and do it more economically.” 

For more information, call (833) 60-CHECK, email, or visit