BluSky Contractors LLC recorded its highest annual charitable giving in 2022 in conjunction with the newly established BluSky Foundation. BluSky and the BluSky Foundation collectively donated over $775,000 to more than 100 nonprofit organizations across the nation, company officials reported today.

The firm’s total charitable giving grew 17 percent in 2022 from 2021 through a variety of large fund-raising events and local donations. A few large events in Denver, St. Louis, and Greensboro, North Carolina, each raised over $100,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, ALS research at Washington University School of Medicine, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greensboro.

“Philanthropy and the BluSky Foundation continue to be an integral part of who we are,” said BluSky CEO Drew Bisping. “We’re fully committed to the children, families and communities that are served by these organizations.”

In addition to monetary contributions, BluSky personnel devoted substantial volunteer hours to nonprofits through its annual Day of Giving. Employees companywide spent the day before Thanksgiving volunteering with over 40 charities in their local communities. Among the many diverse activities were packing meals for children around the world, giving time and resources to local food banks, cooking, cleaning, and performing general labor to improve various community facilities.

Combined Day of Giving efforts generated over 1,400 hours of relief and support to our communities.  BluSky has plans to increase volunteer hours, funds raised, and geographical outreach as we move forward.  The 2023 year of giving has already been kickstarted by $12,300 in fundraising for the Boys & Girls Club, generated from the BluSky sales retreat earlier in January.

The BluSky Foundation was established in 2022 and builds on the firm’s vision to not only fix broken buildings, but to restore and rebuild the vital elements of its communities.

“We are very fortunate as a company, have tremendous people here, and for me, we have a responsibility to give back,” Bisping said.