The owner of a PuroClean franchise in Bluffdale, Utah, has now added another franchise to his portfolio. Chris Empey became one of the most recent owners of a 1-Tom-Plumber operation.

1-Tom-Plumber is a service-focused water damage, plumbing, drain clearing, and excavation company. The company only sells its franchises to restoration contractors.

Empey joined PuroClean in the spring of 2018 when he converted his existing independent restoration operation in the Salt Lake metro area. He will be running the 1-Tom-Plumber operations from the same facilities that the firm currently occupies serving customers throughout Northern Utah. 

“As a business owner, I feel that I have a special stewardship of my team, our customers, and the community at large and find purpose and satisfaction in being of service to others in times of need,” Empey said. “Accordingly, 1-Tom-Plumber is a natural fit and will be a great addition to the services that we provide for our customers.”