Barry Rice, a Certified Safety Professional with over 20 years of experience, is the Environmental, Health and Safety director for Signal Restoration Services’ family of companies that includes Signal, US Roofing and PuroClean. In this episode of Ask the Expert, Rice discusses the importance of safety, as well as best practices for employee health and safety, in this particularly high-risk field of restoration. 

This episode covers:

  • How safety practices in restoration compare to other fields Rice has worked in
  • Key safety hazards restoration contractors are commonly exposed to
  • The most common missteps Rice sees restorers make regarding safety
  • The most common injuries Rice sees in the restoration industry
  • The business case for a solid safety program
  • Where restoration companies looking to kick off their safety program should begin
  • Key elements of a successful safety strategy no matter the size of the restoration business
  • Specific safety tips regarding safety boots, safety data sheets and chemicals, preventing hand injuries and respirators
  • Notable trends within restoration related to employee health and safety 

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