Gokul Padmanabhan, CEO of Restoration Brokers of America and expert behind the Two-Minute Selling Tips video series, has brokered more than $500 million worth of restoration business transactions over the last 15 years. He predicts the tidal wave of restoration mergers and acquisitions will continue for the next four to five years as more Baby Boomers look to retire and sell their businesses. However, he sees a big opportunity gap that not enough restoration business owners are seizing on in an environment of meaningful buyer interest.

In this episode of Ask the Expert, Padmanabhan offers projections, reflections and practical advice regarding restoration business transactions.    

This episode covers:

  • The evolution of restoration industry business transactions over the last 15 years
  • Main categories of restoration business transactions 
  • Key stakeholders in restoration business sales, including private equity groups and franchises
  • The year-over-year growth in what buyers are willing to pay for a restoration business
  • Merger and acquisition predictions for the next two years
  • The wealth of interested buyers available amidst a low supply of healthy companies for sale
  • Buyer profiles and criteria for franchise versus independent businesses
  • The difference between running a business and preparing it for sale
  • Padmanabhan’s opinion on franchises versus independents, and whether industry consolidation is good or bad
  • Lessons learned from the most successful business sales Padmanabhan has brokered
  • The six keys to successfully selling a restoration company 

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