milliCare Floor & Textile Care, a franchise network of carpet and floor care professionals, has launched a new web interview series that will explore “the great indoors” and how to improve indoor environmental quality. Indoor Voices will feature conversations with experts from a wide variety of industries that impact facility wellness.  

Companies and their facility managers are focusing more than ever on occupant health and wellbeing. Indoor Voices will explore the individual factors that contribute to those goals, from facility hygiene to acoustics to HVAC and much more.

Indoor Voices’ host, Brian Morgan, milliCare’s director of operations, has a long history of caring for facilities and is passionate about building wellness. “I’m blown away by the depth of knowledge we’ve heard from our guests so far. Indoor Voices will be a breeding ground for the best facility hacks as we hear advice from a myriad of indoor experts about how to improve the quality of the built environment,” says Morgan.

The milliCare Floor & Textile Care franchise network has been caring for facilities for 25 years, and the company hopes that this series will amplify the voices of industry experts on a diverse array of topics that are relevant to the quality of our indoor spaces. “What’s great about Indoor Voices is that it provides useful and pertinent information from industry experts in a very comfortable and casual environment,” says Steve Willis, managing director of milliCare. “We think facility management professionals will find these conversations to be very valuable.”

To check out the available episodes, visit New episodes are published on a biweekly schedule, and are also available as a podcast: Viewers can send feedback or episode suggestions to