Staff at domestic violence shelter and prevention organization Chrysalis recently accepted a donation of 123 gallons worth of hospital-type liquid disinfectant. The donation from Phoenix-based ProKure Solutions, which also included accessories like sprayers, is expected to provide each of Chrysalis’ three facilities with full time use of ProKure V liquid disinfectant for at least 30-60 days. This will be the first of an ongoing donation to the organization that helps protect Chrysalis employees and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the pandemic began, the Chrysalis Victim Advocacy Program has seen a 225% increase in call volume. The calls pre-pandemic were primarily resource inquiries. Now, calls have taken on a more urgent nature, as victims are seeking safe shelter from domestic abuse while sheltering in place. Emergency shelter beds, as a result, are in greater demand, and domestic abuse homicides have doubled year-over-year.

“We were deeply inspired by what Chrysalis has taken on during this pandemic,” said Alex Cushman, President, ProKure Solutions. “It is our hope that this donation will help them continue their critical work during this challenging time.”

Using the product according to EPA label instructions, staff at Chrysalis will be able to safely and regularly use ProKure V on areas like furniture, kitchens, doorknobs, counters and more to help stop the spread of COVID-19 within its shelter and outreach facilities. It will help provide disinfection at both the emergency shelter, and the family outreach center, where critical need therapy and domestic violence prevention programs are ongoing.

"Safety is top priority and COVID-19 intensifies domestic abuse in our community, creating a higher level of concern,” said Patricia Klahr, President and CEO of Chrysalis. “It's a relief to have support from Prokure when we need it most." 

ProKure is donating its ProKure V product, a delivery system for the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) chemical. ProKure V is on the EPA’s List N, which meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.  ProKure V disinfectant is currently used across the U.S., in hospitals, airplanes, daycares, gyms, and other locations where disinfection is a priority.

Continued Cushman, “We consider this donation part of our “ProKure for Humanity” campaign, because our company’s mission is - and always has been - to improve the lives of others. We look forward to continuing to support Chrysalis and other hometown heroes that are making a huge difference in our community.”

For more information about ProKure for Humanity, please visit the website.