An all-inclusive moisture and humidity measuring kit has been put together for the restoration industry, package V-PPP.

If you need a versatile, accurate moisture and humidity meter the multi-function Ligno-VersaTec delivers accurate measurements for many years of use. The Ligno-VersaTec combines the accurate measurements of pin, pinless and RH meters from Lignomat.

The Ligno-VersaTec can be used for quick, rough estimates of high or low moisture levels. But the meter can also provide true moisture percentages in pin, pinless and RH mode. With the meter and the probe accessories you can select the right measuring mode for the job on hand. This could be tracking moisture problems with a pin electrode or measuring relative humidity in a crawl space with the RH BluePeg Probe. Wood floor inspections can find moisture affected areas in pinless mode and monitor drying.

The meter has individual settings in pin and pinless mode for soft and hardwoods, OSB, sub floors, bamboo, concrete and drywall. All other flooring materials such as carpets and laminates can be examined with reference scales, which are also preprogrammed. 

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