Lignomat offers the Ligno-VersaTec. The Ligno-VersaTec has pin, pinless and thermo-hygrometer capabilities with the most advanced calibrations. Included is a scale for wood, drywall or gypsum, a reference scale for concrete and a reference scale for all other building materials.

In pin mode the E-12 electrode is used and is able to check the moisture in the subfloor without removing floor planks. In pinless mode for wood the meter has 71 wood species settings and selectable dual depth measuring capabilities for 1/4” and 3/4”, making it “a great meter to check out water damage in hardwood floors by using both measuring depth to get readings close to the surface and deeper down.”

In addition, this meter has the capabilities to add a RH BluePeg sensor for ambient relative humidity, temperature, and dew point. With the RH BluePeg the Ligno-DuoTec BW actually becomes a Thermo-Hygrometer.