Tired of the high personnel time, travel and low ROI expenses costs associated with chemical COVID-19 disinfection? Looking for a high-tech minimal-labor solution with nearly 100% efficacy and coverage? Harnessing the power of four Violet Defence UV engines, this portable system takes a 'Howitzer" like approach to the eratratcation of any living microorganisms including mold. UV Brilliance will disinfect 400 square feet in less than a half hour of deployment and one person operation. Used as directed, it emits a broad spectrum Ultra High Intensity Pulsed Xenon UV light in four directions to eliminate up to 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a space. These proven COVID-19 virus killing UV lights have been tested and are being deployed by the NYC MTA Mass Transit Authority.

This UV Brilliance is available of sale and/or service applications. Contact emerg-nc.com/uv-brilliance/ to learn how Ultra High intensity Broad-Spectrum Pulsed Xenon #UV light can deliver 99.9% disinfection rates.