ServiceMaster DSI, the nation's largest owner and operator of ServiceMaster Franchises, has announced the acquisition of two new corporate offices in Charlotte and Wichita, Kan. These offices will continue to provide disaster restoration services to home and business owners across these communities.

"We are excited to bring on two new locations. With these additions, our footprint now grows to nine states and 19 locations", said President and CEO of ServiceMaster DSI, Andrew Yaklich. "These locations are well established in their communities and have operated very similarly to our business. Both have great local leadership that will not change."

ServiceMaster DSI operates under the ServiceMaster Restore and ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) brands to provide disaster restoration services throughout the United States and abroad. Yaklich says the North Carolina and Kansas locations will offer restoration services for residential, commercial and large-loss clients in the area. "The North Carolina branch will complement the work we do with our large commercial customers and further expand our reach into the eastern part of the country." This also applies to the Kansas market. "We are well established in the Kansas City market, and this expansion to the southern part of the state allows us to provide additional services to customers in these areas, whether that means restoring a property or the contents within."

Yaklich said these new locations will continue to serve their communities at a high standard. "We welcome these 60 new employees to DSI. They are well trained and operate at a high level already. Our success is the strength of our employees, and our employees allow us to respond quickly to catastrophic weather (CAT) events throughout the country. The addition of these two great established businesses, their equipment, vehicles, and their highly trained staff is a huge win for DSI, all adding to our capacity to help in CAT events like hurricanes, flooding or severe weather."

DSI Holdings is an ownership/management group headquartered in Downers Grove, Ill., specializing in providing residential and commercial disaster restoration services through the ServiceMaster DSI and ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) brands. Starting with its first ServiceMaster license in 1981, DSI Holdings has grown to be the premier ownership group within the ServiceMaster network, amassing 87 licenses within the United States and serving as the flagship SRM operator. Through these brands, DSI services clients in all 50 states, and its large loss team has provided commercial disaster restoration services in more than 20 countries around the world.