Radians®, a top-tier PPE manufacturer, recently launched THRAXUS, a new generation of iconic safety eyewear. Designed with straighter lines and edgier surface junctions, THRAXUS™ gives workers what they want:  contemporary high-performance protective eyewear with compelling features.

“We used the latest patented technologies and materials in our new THRAXUS line,” said Radians President, Bill England. “This next generation of highly-protective and ultra-comfortable safety eyewear is offered at an unbelievable price point that safety managers can’t ignore. The premium features and Uber-style create the look and feel of expensive luxury eyewear without the high price. Choosing THRAXUS lets safety pros turn ordinary vision protection programs into worker-invested programs that boost compliance, productivity, and morale.”

What makes THRAXUS so compelling? “In addition to its super-cool style, it has several features that propel it above and beyond traditional and typical impact-resistant eyewear,” said Radians Sr. Product Development Specialist, Cindy Bullion-LaWarre.

“With an enhanced field of vision and cyclonic venting, THRAXUS offers increased protective coverage with an entirely new level of fog reduction, which is especially helpful when workers must wear face masks,” said Bullion-LaWarre. “The floating nose loop and adjustable nose pads provide greater adjustability, stability, and a more comfortable fit while the paddle-shaped temples distribute weight and pressure for all-day comfort.”

THRAXUS is available in several lens colors, including clear, smoke, blue mirror, and IQuity™ anti-fog options. For more information, email sales@radians.com, visit www.radians.com, or call toll-free 1-877-723-4267. Radians products are sold through authorized distributors.