Today, Restoration Focused, LLC, a new company dedicated on delivering new product solutions to the restoration industry, announces the release of its first product, Restoration ERP. Restoration ERP is an online disaster preparedness tool for restoration companies to utilize in capturing local commercial facilities as new clients. Restoration companies across the United States can sign up today at to begin using the tool. The online disaster plan platform can also be added on any restoration company's website, providing a complete custom branding & white label solution.

One of the co-founders, Jeff Carrier, says, "After running an ERP campaign within a restoration company and providing a simplistic solution in a paper and binder product, this online tool allows restoration companies to separate themselves in their local market and showcase their professionalism."

Shawn Silliman, the co-founder, added, "Being an owner of a restoration company, I have seen the competition in this industry skyrocket over the last 5-10 years. Everyone wants more water jobs and commercial work. If you have a sales or business development representative and you're not equipping them with this tool or something similar, you're doing your company a disservice and not tapping your full potential."

About Restoration ERP: Restoration ERP is an online tool to set up commercial properties on an Emergency Response Program campaign. The restoration company facilitates gathering relevant information and documents for setting up a disaster plan for a commercial facility. The tool keeps all the information in the cloud and is accessible 24/7, provides unique login privileges, ability to download documents, and much more.