The question on everyone’s mind - who is the genius behind the daily industry humor doled out on the popular Instagram account Water Damage Daily (WDD). Our guest comes really close to revealing his identity, but we will protect the mystery as it adds to the allure and it’s nice to have a covert outlet for unrestrained observations. 

Water Damage Daily joins us for The DYOJO Podcast to discuss how to better engage your audience on social media. Even though the account only started in 2019, it’s already well over 1,500 members which is significant within property restoration. What will intrigue our audience is that their actual business account, which will remain classified, is over double that engagement through authentic posting. 

I asked what they view as the secret sauce, Water Damage Daily shared that they are fans of Gary Vaynerchuk. Also known as Gary Vee, the now well known marketing celebrity built his social media empire by breaking the status quo of business promotion. Water Damage Daily shared a few nuggets of their own. 

When I asked WDD what some of the keys to building a presence on Instagram were, he said:

  • Be consistent
  • Educate your audience
  • Conduct a question and answer (Q&A) segment
  • Share before and after photos and videos
  • Tell a story so that your viewers can engage with your brand

Water Damage Daily challenges all accounts to show their face. Too often brands post generic content that may be forwarded to them from their corporate headquarters, WDD believes showing your face and personalizing your content helps clients to identify with your brand. He shared that explaining things that industry professionals take for granted, such as deductibles, can provide a service to your audience. 

When I asked one thing that social media managers for property restoration should start doing and stop doing, Water Damage Daily said:

  • Stop posting generic content, it’s a waste of time and people will just scroll right over this content. 
  • Start showing your face and dig into your topics. Don’t be scared to tell a story. 

Our guest shared that many of the first videos were only released after he recorded, deleted, recorded, cut, deleted and recorded again for over half an hour. To elevate your social media game, you have to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Water Damage Daily discussed that Instagram doesn’t always lead directly to business but it has raised their brand and has also contributed to talent acquisition. 

Please watch the video discussion from The DYOJO between Jon Isaacson, The Intentional Restorer and Water Damage Daily and let us know what you think. You can also listen to additional content on The DYOJO Podcast Episode 11.

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