WHAT: Amid employment turmoil, American Technologies, Inc (ATI), the nation's largest family-owned restoration provider, has increased hiring efforts across the country, offering security to many during these uncertain times. Over 70 new hires have been onboarded in the last ten days with approximately 150 positions still available. 

Positions range from restoration technicians to general labor roles and ATI is not requiring prior experience; rather, they are providing new hires with extensive training. ATI has reported that candidates come from all walks of life including those affected by recent layoffs. Some applicants hold advanced degrees and certifications; many are from the service industry, which has been hit the hardest, while others have general labor experience across multiple industries. For many, this may lead to an unexpected career change and tremendous opportunity for growth to senior-level positions.

Deemed an Essential Service Provider, ATI is not only doing its part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through decontamination services but is also providing income-earning opportunities for many Americans. 

For those interested in applying resumes can be submitted to: Recruiting@ATIrestoration.com or visit ATIrestoration.com/careers

WHEN:  ATI ramped up hiring efforts mid-March and will continue to hire as the market demands.
WHERE:  Nationwide.
WHY:  ATI is responding to the country's demand for various decontamination services; however, positions are for varying types of fieldwork as well as management positions. ATI's decontamination services include:

Level 1, No Known Exposure: Precautionary, general cleaning, to be performed with a specific disinfectant designed to eliminate the virus.
Level 2, Possible Exposure: A deeper level of detailed cleaning, includes the proper use of PPE and specialized equipment.
Level 3, Confirmed Exposure: Escalated for review and case-specific protocols.

About American Technologies, Inc:  Established in 1989 by Gary Moore, American Technologies, Inc. is the nation’s largest family-owned and operated restoration contractor. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, the company specializes in restoration, environmental and reconstruction services following natural and man-made disasters with an unwavering commitment to customer service. The company operates out of 20 branch offices nationwide with over 1200 employees. For more information, please visit www.atirestoration.com