In the first significant mobilization of the young 2019 hurricane season, Interstate Restoration is rapidly moving resources into Louisiana with expectations of severe flooding from Tropical Storm Barry.

As of today, Interstate was managing the delicate strategies of resource location, determining where trucks, equipment and workers might be most effective at the most effective times, while balancing those efforts within the realm of safety.

“We’re trying to figure out where the storm will hit, but we know it’s going to produce a lot of rain,” said Patrick McCarty, director of restoration services for Interstate. “We have responded to many historic flooding disasters in the past, so we know we have the expertise required to respond appropriately.”

Meanwhile, Interstate is always mindful of worker safety and exercises caution about the possibility of getting cut-off by road flooding. The main highway into Baton Rouge, I-10, is surrounded in spots by swampland, and flooding could impede the flow of resources in the area. Interstate is examining all the available options to ensure response efforts are not impeded.

Based on weather forecasts, McCarty expects a scenario that could be comparable to Hurricane Florence that hit North Carolina and surrounding states in 2018, but on a narrower geographical scale. That storm resulted in severe flooding damage, without an extreme amount of wind.

Interstate will have an entire fleet available to help with flood recovery, McCarty said. Some clients in New Orleans have already experienced flooding, and Interstate has been responding as needed. He advised businesses to make themselves aware of precautions they can take prior to flooding. Click here for more information.