Kalamazoo, MI - Envirologic Technologies, Inc., is celebrating its 30th anniversary of providing environmental consulting and services throughout Michigan, the Great Lakes region, and beyond.

Co-owners Jeff Hawkins and David Warwick have been at the helm of Envirologic since its beginning.

“When I started Envirologic, I was excited about the opportunity to create a company that focused on finding ‘logical’ solutions for our customers’ environmental challenges and ensured our employees had the resources to succeed at work, in the community and at home,” said Hawkins, who also serves as Envirologic’s CEO. “Community was also important to me in that I wanted our work to ultimately do good in the world; this is what drives our company vision of ‘doing good work to do good.’ It was imperative for us to do our work with integrity. I strongly believe this is why we have such a positive reputation after 30 years in business.”


David Warwick, Envirologic’s President, agrees.

“I am proud of the relationships we have developed over the last 30 years, both with our clients and our employees. I have seen the development of our staff from entry level scientists to experienced professionals who love practicing their craft,” Warwick said. “I am proud of the work that we have done for our clients, too. Their sites have been remediated and hazards removed or controlled. They are able to more fully utilize their properties and have developed or redeveloped functional structures that have enriched our communities.”

As a company, Envirologic strives to work effectively and efficiently, utilizing trusted technology and research as well as their extensive experience to provide reliable environmental consultations and services. Team members have expertise in numerous service areas including brownfield redevelopment, contaminant investigation and remediation, regulatory compliance, environmental due diligence and ecological services. Many of Envirologic’s long-term client relationships are due to the consistency of their work, which is strongly supported by the consistency of their staff, many who have been with Envirologic for 15 years or more.

In 30 years of business, Envirologic has collaborated on more than 9,500 projects in 15 states for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, land development, utilities, municipalities and others. The team has assisted in assessment, cleanup and redevelopment projects for more than 2,500 clients, always cognizant of the clients’ project goals and objectives, ultimately with the “end in mind.”
Envirologic has always been about doing what is best for its clients, staff and the environment. Through following its owners’ vision to “do good work to do good,” Envirologic has invested a tremendous amount of time into bettering the communities it serves. What a wonderful legacy for Envirologic to celebrate after 30 years.

For more information about Envirologic and the services it can provide, please visit www.envirologic.com/30th-anniversary or call 800.272.7802.