The IICRC is seeking volunteers to serve on a consensus body for the development of a brand-new standard: The BSR/IICRC S340 Standard for Professional Cleaning and Maintenance of Leather Furnishings. The new S340 Standard will provide a uniform guide for those who currently work in, or are looking to work in, leather cleaning and maintenance.

BSR/IICRC S340 Standard for Professional Cleaning and Maintenance of Leather Furnishings establishes a procedural standard for the professional cleaning and maintenance of leather furnishings. It is intended for use by professional cleaners, upholstery manufacturers, retailers, distributors, industry suppliers, specifiers, homeowners, property and facility managers, housekeepers, insurance companies and others.

Consensus body members can expect to begin work on the standards by early 2019 with nearly all meetings being held online and via conference calls. Those interested in submitting applications to serve on the S340 consensus body should visit for more information and to download the application form.  

Additional volunteers are also needed for the following Standards:

The IICRC is seeking volunteers to serve on consensus bodies for the development of two new Standards:

  • BSR/IICRC S300: Standard for Professional Upholstery Cleaning
  • BSR/IICRC S400:  Standard for Professional Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration of the Commercial Built Environment
  • BSR/IICRC S530:  Standard for Indoor Environmental Assessment for Suspected Mold Contaminated Structures.
  • BSR/IICRC S550:  Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration of Commercial Structures
  • BSR/IICRC S590:  Standard for HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination in a Water Damaged Environment.
  • BSR/IICRC S710:                Standard for the Development of a Scope of Work in a Fire and Smoke Damaged Environment
  • BSR/IICRC S740:  Standard for Professional Restoration of Fire and Smoke Damaged Personal Items
  • ANSI/IICRC S800: Standard and Reference Guide for Inspecting Textile Floor Coverings

Those interested in submitting an application to serve on the above consensus bodies should visit for more information and to download the application forms.