Professional cleaners looking for liquid-cooled longevity and high efficiency heat exchange at an economical price have a new solution: the new 2018 Peak 500 truckmount from Prochem and Sapphire Scientific.

Tests show that the Peak 500 can easily maintain full heat even with a 6-flow wand for maximum cleaning performance. Its 31 HP Kawasaki engine features electronic fuel injection and consumes only 1 gallon of gas per hour. The Peak 500 is fully CARB-compliant, available in all 50 states and Canada.

According to Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products for Legend Brands, “This unit is the lowest cost liquid-cooled large class CARB-compliant machine in the market. It heats up quickly and cleans fast, and will offer long-term ROI.”

The Peak 500 uses a triple-source heat exchange system to maximize engine cooling and solution heating. The copper-finned stainless steel tubing maximizes heat exchange and provides corrosion-resistant durability. The simplified heat exchange system is designed for years of life with minimal maintenance, reflecting Prochem’s core DNA: Simple, durable, and reliable.

The all-aluminum powder coated frame also resists corrosion and also helps to dampen vibration and noise better than the steel frames used on competitive units. The exhaust system is treated with Cerakote®, a thin ceramic coating that reduces radiant heat by up to 30% to help protect components and vehicle interiors from heat-related damage.

The Peak boasts premium components throughout, including the Gardner Denver TriFlow 406 blower, with vacuum to 13 in. Hg and flows up to 406 CFM for thorough extraction and fast-drying carpets. The unit’s General water pump delivers 3.5 GPM and up to 1500 PSI water pressure, making it suitable for hard surface cleaning jobs as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning of any type.

Controls are simple and reliable and clearly laid out, and include an easy to use manual temperature control and a racing-inspired lighted bezel with large temperature and pressure gauges.

The unit is also specifically engineered for ease of maintenance. All maintenance points are easy to access, limiting time lost and keeping the unit on the job.

The Peak 500 is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of distributors in North America. To learn more, visit