Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a division of Therma-Stor, recently introduced the Phoenix 300 MAX dehumidifier. With newly improved, patented bypass technology, the 300 MAX takes out up to 30% more water in high temperature conditions than the 270HTx. It uses only 10 amps and it produces an astonishing 6.3 pints per kWh. It also has a motorized impeller for superior static pressure when ducting and 395 CFM of airflow, which is directed down to the floor to speed up the drying process. 

The new 300 MAX also has outstanding grain depression as well. The 300 MAX has recessed wheels, chamfered corners, hemmed edges, and a hinged lid which lays flat to the front when opened. It also has a thicker skid plate, coated coils, a heavy-duty condensate pump, and redesigned float switch. Phoenix Restoration Equipment also has YouTube video support available for you including setup, usage, service, and a product overview.

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