ProTeam recently announced that they have upgraded their ProBlitz XP AirMover with daisy chain receptacles allowing users to connect several units on a single circuit. Ideal for drying floors and subfloors after strip-and-wax cycles or carpet cleaning, the ProBlitz XP AirMover will meet any air circulation need.

“At ProTeam, we are dedicated to improving both the performance of our products and our customers’ experience using them,” said Jacalyn High, Marketing Director. “This upgrade on the ProBlitz XP AirMover will help ProTeam users efficiently dry large areas with limited access to power.”

The ProBlitz XP AirMover operates at three speeds with three drying positions: zero, 45, or 90 degrees. Low amp draw of 2.4 on the lowest speed and 3.0 on the highest speed allows for up to five units to operate on a single circuit. Each unit includes a 30-foot power cord, and the new daisy-chain receptacles can connect two additional units.

A high-speed, high-performance air mover is a vital part of the building manager’s arsenal. During wet weather, the ProBlitz efficiently dries entryways. Also suited to specialized industries like carpet cleaning, restoration, and pest management, the ProBlitz XP AirMover includes a telescoping handle and soft ride wheels allow for easy stacking, transport, and storage.

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