Finally! An educational and coaching company created for insurance restoration contractors by insurance industry experts! Insurance Contractors Educational Systems is a small company that decided to bring its experience and expertise to an industry that could actually use it to create some competitive advantages. ICE has developed e-course training, coaching and a premier restoration contractor network that will change the industry. The ICE team's experience, processes and recommendations will help you provide your customers with what they actually want and need. It's not just talking about the end customer, but the customer with demands that seem to change constantly -- the insurance company.

  • How can you increase profits and, at the same time, cut back on marketing costs and become more economy proof?  
  • How do you become an invaluable partner with an insurance company long term? 
  • What hurdles are you facing in developing insurance company relationships? 
  • Why aren’t insurance companies willing to work with you? 

"The ICE team has been around the insurance Industry for a combined 45 years, and spent the last 15 years providing coaching, feedback and training to the top insurance vendors in the country," said Steve Dodson, ICE Systems founder and COO. "Throughout the years, we have developed our company model to address the needs of the insurance restoration professional."

The ICE process consists of three key aspects:  

1. E-Training Courses:  ICE has created several e-courses you can use to train your staff. 

"We found that the construction industry lacks an understanding of the insurance claim process. We aren’t attempting to make you claim experts, not at all! We are providing you with insight in our training so that you can become a better partner with the insurance carrier," said Dodson. "We are giving you the WHY, which is often not explained."

These e-courses provide invaluable information that can strengthen your partnerships and help you develop new ones. 

Jay with Mooring Recovery Services of DFW recently took the Subrogation e-course and said it was “very informative and kept my attention...can see it being a HUGE benefit for my daily workers, crews and estimators. Great course, you guys nailed it".   

2. Coaching: ICE offers coaching services and will develop a package that fits your specific needs. Coaching can be conducted on site or through the use of web technology. The team will help identify real concerns and opportunities by researching your company through interviews, ride-a-longs and information gathering sessions. They will look at the business and market environment, the competition, define your objectives, and develop recommendations and conclusions based on this information.   

3. Premier Restoration Contractor Network: Again, ICE has developed a website where customers can go to find your information and contact you to utilize your services. It’s not only available to the general public; this site will be marketed directly to insurance agents, insurance adjusters, third-party administrators and insurance industry specific groups. ICE has three different levels of membership and as a Platinum Member, there is no cost to you for the first year.  

Don’t miss out on this important opportunity to become a customer of ICE Systems. Steve and his team will answer any additional questions or concerns that you have, fill you in on more specifics and get you scheduled to be part of this unique opportunity.

You can reach Steve via email, or calling 1-888-369-9587 or 308-520-0975.