In mid-July of this year, Restoration and Remediation launched a brand new video segment aimed to help you quickly and effectively get tips from experts across the restoration and remediation industry -- plus from leaders in other areas who might have some helpful information on topics like marketing, social media platforms, software, HR and more.

New clips will be posted to our website every few weeks -- and should take no more than 5-or-so minutes of your time to watch.

Five minutes -- Five questions -- new information for you.

So here are our two debut segments. First, Howard Partridge from Phenomenal Products Inc., shares some thoughts on how to develop your company's brand.

Then, Michael Pinto of Wonder Makers Enviromental shares some of his know-how on environmental remediation jobs, safety and the evolution of the remediation industry in the last few decades. Please excuse our "dust" in this segment... as we work through some technical issues, part of the video wasn't usable for this segment.

Do you have someone you'd like to hear from or a question you'd like to ask an expert? Email R&R's editor, Michelle Blevins, at