There really is a cost effective collections solution that meets today’s market demands when dealing with insurance accounts receivable. Introducing Restoration Billing, Inc. (RBI).
Restoration Billing, Inc. manages the complete insurance invoice process for companies providing emergency services and building reconstruction.
“It’s a full time job if you expect positive results. Our primary objective is to secure the maximum invoice amount in the shortest amount of time for our clients. We take the ominous and time consuming chore of 'chasing the money' off our client’s shoulders so they can focus their energy on current projects, new clients and running their company”, states Rob Supertino, President, Restoration Billing, Inc.
The founders of RBI have successfully operated a reconstruction & remodeling construction business for many years. Frustrated dealing with accounts receivable (specifically insurance companies) and waiting far too long to get paid, they were determined to develop a more efficient collection process with a team of billing experts. That's how RBI took shape, and the firsthand experience of the owners is crucial to your success, and that of RBI.