Next Gear Solutions, Inc., the team behind restoration management software DASH, now has another game changing tool for the restoration and cleaning industries called DryTrack. The intelligently designed moisture mitigation management platform was developed by an IICRC certified trainer and backed by the Next Gear development team. 
DryTrack was designed to act more as a technical consultant and guide to assist technicians during the mitigation process than a billing expert. The data captured through DryTrack helps restoration companies become more transparent and accountable in the claims mitigation process.
“As an IICRC instructor who came from the field recently during the height of the vendor programs, I can assure you that documentation is something everyone needs but no one has time for,” said Mitch Byrom, VP of Specialized Education for Next Gear Solutions.
More than ever, restoration contractors find themselves at even keels with little competitive advantage. The importance of providing detailed inspection and monitoring records cannot be stressed enough. In order to avoid any issues with payment or risk, service providers need to demonstrate how their qualified and trained technicians have efficiently dried the wet structure with proper air movement and knowledge rather than with equipment alone. DryTrack is poised to become an essential tool that will allow mitigation experts to take credit for the control they commanded over the indoor environment to rapidly dry the building materials in an efficient manner without any additional administrative cost.
By retrieving all atmospheric readings, moisture readings, and dry standards at every site visit, the data recorded in real time will yield a comprehensive moisture report and drying data at the click of a button. Furthermore, its intelligent design ensures field technicians never forget to capture a reading again, since DryTrack will remind them if they forgot. 
The team at Next Gear Solutions remains committed to providing leading industry tools that help data transparency while increasing overall operational efficiency. From the start, we have leveraged years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest industry standards and drying techniques to create the most objective and relevant moisture monitoring and reporting application on the market today.