For those pursuing their RIA Certified Restorer certification, the final course and exam are being offered this call in Chicago, Ill!
This is final course for those pursuing their RIA advanced certification, the Certified Restorer (CR), this six -day prep course includes lectures, specialized presentations from subject matter experts in their field, case studies and group study work. 
Dates: Monday, November 4 - Saturday, November 9, 2015 
Location:  Jon-Don Chicago in Roselle, Ill. Phone: (630) 872-5401
Registration Cost: RIA Member: $1945 Non-Member: $2445
Early Bird Special of $100 off until 11:59 PM ET Monday October 19, 2015. 
The Certified Restorer® (CR) Certification Program focuses on damage repair and raising committed restorers to a higher level of professional ability.
Education and study address both buildings and personal contents property, and are based on the structure and nature of materials, and the effects of various perils. Restoration theory addresses the mechanisms by which residue odors are removed. Toxic contamination, allergic response, water damage, contracts and insurance are also covered.
The Certified Restorer Certification Program is widely recognized as the pre-eminent training program in damage repair. Interested in becoming a CR? Review the Four Steps to Becoming a Certified Restorer