IICRC Fall Elections

During the fall Shareholders’ meeting in mid-October, five members were elected to the 2014-2015 Board of Directors. Of the five open Board seats, three were filled by re-elected members Peter Crosa, Craig Jasper and Patrick Moffett, while the two remaining seats were filled by newcomers Steve Moran and Steven Spivak, Ph.D. Also new to the Board this year as an honorary member is Randy Rapp, Ph.D.

Also elected during the IICRC fall meetings were the Board’s Executive Committee: Tony Wheelwright, Chairman; Pete Duncanson, First Vice President; Joe Hughes, Second Vice President; Jenny Boymal, International Vice President; Norm Maia, Treasurer; Kevin Pearson, Secretary; and Darrell Paulson, Immediate Past Chairman. Additional members of the 2014-2015 Board of Directors include Dennis Blake, Joe Dobbins and Paul Pearce.

Patrick Winters will continue to serve as the IICRC President.

IICRC Certification Council Meeting Recap

The IICRC’s fall event also hosted the Certification Council (CC) meeting which welcomed general session speaker and new Board member Steven Spivak. Spivak, who has an extensive background in textile fire safety, cleaning and restoration, gave a detailed presentation titled “New Trends & Ideas in Standards, Certification and Conformity Assessment.”

 The IICRC awards and appreciation ceremony also took place during the CC meeting. To kick off the awards, the Institute presented Carey Vermeulen with the 2014 Ironman Award. The Ironman Award goes to the individual who has taught the most courses. Vermeulen led with 47 courses this year at the time of the presentation. Joe Dobbins was recognized as the 2014 Instructor of the Year, an award that goes to the individual who has taught the most students in a year. Dobbins instructed 791 students so far this year at the time of the recognition. A listing of all award and certificate of appreciation honorees can be found at www.iicrc.org