When submitting an invoice to an insurance company or adjuster you need to make sure that it is written in their language and organized the way they want it. By doing this you will be making their job easier and hopefully creating a good relationship with them by being a solution partner for them.

Keep the lines of communication always open and flowing. Make sure that you and the adjuster are on the same page as far as the game plan for handling the loss goes. Each job is different in some way or another. Let the adjuster know you are concerned about his thoughts on the claim as well as what you have determined needs to be done. A quick phone conversation at the beginning of the job can ensure that the adjuster doesn't get hit with any surprises when he sees your invoice.

An adjuster may have dozens or even hundreds of claims on his desk that he or she needs to process. Lack of details on an invoice or lack of documentation can create the need for the adjuster to have to call you and ask questions or get more information from you. This adds time to the claim processing. And if the adjuster calls you to ask a question and you are not there to answer the phone, what happens? He leaves you a message, hangs up and rotates your invoice to the bottom of the stack and moves on to the next.

Remember that the adjuster or person paying your bill may not have ever been out to the job site you are billing for and they did not see all the things you did on that job. It is your job to make sure that the invoice tells a story of exactly what happened on any given loss. That can be done with pictures, notes and other documentation. If the adjuster is given all the necessary information and details he needs to process your invoice, he can get you paid much quicker.

 Also, it’s key that your invoices are organized and in a program that the adjuster uses, such as Xactimate. Xactimate is the most commonly used program by insurance adjusters when scoping out a loss. If you are using this same program for your invoicing, it will make it very easy for the adjuster to import your invoice along with pictures and notes so that he can get your bill processed quickly and you can get a check sooner.