Preferred VendorsIt is absolutely possible to get all the jobs you want even if you are not on a preferred vendor program. There is a myth in this industry that the majority of jobs are taken either by large national companies or by those on preferred vendor lists.

That is simply not true.

In fact, most preferred vendor programs do not cover contents - they only cover emergency mitigation and reconstruction.

I believe that if you focus your efforts on being the best in your market it won’t matter that you are not on a preferred list. Being on a list does not ensure your success.

Good solid business practices, outrageous customer service and a strong company culture are things you can take to the bank.

Make no mistake there can be value in getting on these programs but it’s not the end of the world if you aren’t. Being on them does not magically ensure your success and that you will get jobs handed to you. You still need to earn the job in the eyes of the homeowner, as they ultimately have the choice to hire you or someone else.

 We just finished a job that a preferred vendor was sent out by the insurance company was fired from. The homeowners thought that they were arrogant and pushy and did not like their uncaring attitude. When our team came in and showed compassion for what they were going through, they were immediately won over.

People need to know that you care as much as they do about their things and home. They really don’t care about a vendor list. They just want their life back together and for life to move on.

If you want more work than you are getting, then focus your marketing on education that shows just how much you really do care by providing value up front. And demonstrate for them what you will do that no one else can.

We have adjusters that call us to take care of their jobs instead of calling the pre-approved guys on their rolodex.


Because we have built a good relationship with them and they know that by calling us, the job is handled impeccably.

If you deliver a “wow” experience for all involved and create the right solid relationships, you will have all the work you can handle without being on anyone’s list.