The OnSightLKQ™system, an on-site, web-based process that allows the assessor to determine replacement cost value in 10 minutes or less, is now available to all insurance and restoration professionals, according to a press release.

“OnSightLKQ makes the flooring valuation process 100 percent transparent – it’s exactly what the insurance and restoration industries have been waiting for,” said Steve Leger, President of LKQ Technologies and former president of PuroClean, of which LKQ Technologies is a subsidiary of. “The system helps claims professionals close files faster, while building true and lasting relationships with the policy holders.”

Initially, the technology was proprietary to the PuroClean system and its franchisees, but in order to best serve the restoration and insurance industries as a whole, LKQ Technologies became a separate entity. Today, the OnSightLKQ system is available to any property restoration provider and insurance professional in the U.S. and Canada.

“After the successful launch of OnSightLKQ within the PuroClean system, we decided it was time to truly penetrate the market and service the needs of insurance and restoration companies alike, without any bounds of exclusivity to select brands,” said Leger. “This move will allow OnSightLKQ to become the most identifiable alternative to the traditional laboratory process of flooring valuation.” 

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