DASH_XactwareBig news broke in the restoration industry last week when it was announced just prior to the annual Xactware User Conference in Salt Lake City that Xactware and Next Gear Solutions had reached an agreement to integrate DASH workflow management software with Xactimate and XactAnalysis.

R&R caught up with Garret Gray, President/CEO of Next Gear Solutions, just a few days after the news broke for more information on this integration.

“Basically every national and local client that is using any Next Gear technology gets the benefit of this integration,” he said.

“This is huge for the industry, because really the biggest issue that people have is the double entry. This will allow for people to no longer enter a date, contact, journal note or other documentation into two places. They’ll put it into DASH or an Xactware product and the information will flow back and forth.”

The integration, which is still to come, looks to be a win-win-win, for both software developers and the industry as a whole.

“It’s a huge time saving for everyone if you can imagine having to do everything multiple times,” Gray said. “Not only will it be time saving, but also, if you think about it, a lot of these programs that use XactAnalysis to dictate who performers are… they use that as their way of figuring out who they’re going to assign losses to. So if it’s easier to be more compliant, that means you’re going to save time but you’ll also probably get more jobs from these carriers that use XactAanalysis to determine who the best performers are.”

 For more information, visit nextgearsolutions.net or xactware.com