The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) has released two fact sheets addressing asbestos issues restoration contractors may encounter in the course of their restoration projects, according to a press release. The fact sheets were developed by RIA’s Environmental Council to educate and protect contractors from the dangers of mishandling asbestos-containing materials. 

The comprehensive version of the fact sheet addresses asbestos-containing materials, health issues, regulations, classes of asbestos work, hazard communication, training, control measures and resources. The abridged version covers health issues, regulations and some training information. Both versions may be downloaded for free from the RIA website, through the RIA Store.

“This is the first in a series of fact sheets the Environmental Council is developing to educate our members and the industry on important environmental issues,” said Tom Peter, CIH, council chairman and lead author of the fact sheet. “There are serious fines and health considerations when companies work with asbestos-containing materials, and RIA believes it’s important to educate and protect workers and their clients. These sheets aren’t all encompassing, but they give professionals the critical information they need and additional resources to learn more.”

The fact sheet underwent an extensive peer review and contains general information and best practices. Contractors are encouraged to consult the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations for their jurisdictions.

 To download the fact sheets, visit the RIA website at and click on the RIA Store link.