According to a press release, the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) has announced that it has filed suit in Federal Court in the Western District of Washington State against Thermapure. The purpose of this suit is to invalidate six of the seven patents held by Thermapure. These patents, and in particular the “812,” have been used by Thermapure to sue RIA members and other restoration industry companies through a process commonly known as “patent trolling.” RIA firmly believes that these suits are without merit, as the family of patents involved assert claims that have been industry standards for years.

RIA’s Board of Directors created the Restoration Industry Legal Fund in 2012 to address a number of issues that impact RIA members and the entire industry. The RIA Legal Fund Committee was established and made recommendations to the full RIA Board regarding this matter. The Board approved their action to engage counsel and work to invalidate these patents.

“RIA interviewed law firms from across the country and selected a firm in Washington State that has had success in defending two clients against Thermapure. They have developed an aggressive strategy to stop the hostile patent trolling that has had such a detrimental effect on RIA members and the entire restoration industry,” said RIA Executive Director, Timothy Shaw.

RIA is soliciting money from both members and non-members to fund this effort. The association has already joined resources with the Joint Defense Fund formed in 2012 by approximately 50 RIA members. Both organizations believe that joining efforts will reduce administration costs and result in more progress by working collaboratively rather than individually.

"Thermapure reserves comment at this time until we have had adequate time to review the issue," said David Hedman, Thermapure CEO, in response to an R&R request for comment earlier today.

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