Restoration Science Academy has recently expanded its hands-on training facilities at its Nashville location, now offering training in smoke, mold, fire remediation and floor care, according to a press release. The addition of a furnished fire loss simulation room, a variety of hard and soft surface floor installations and a contents processing area makes the additional training opportunities possible.

The fire and smoke restoration courses will be offered in addition to the regular water restoration and mold remediation courses taught at the facility.

The expansion adds 400 sq. feet of new training space, which includes a smoke simulation room complete with contents and a variety of finished surfaces, and a floor care simulator area with natural and engineered stone flooring.

The floor care installations will allow hands-on training in tile, stone and other hard surface cleaning as well as carpet cleaning.

In addition, RSA will provide free transportation for participants between the airport, the training facility and accommodations. This service is available to participants in all of RSA’s courses at the Nashville facility.

RSA has offered lecture-based smoke and fire restoration courses for many years, chiefly by instructors who traveled to distributors’ facilities to teach the courses. These lecture-based courses have provided the foundation for many restoration professionals’ technical knowledge of the field. “We’ve transformed these classic courses into practical hands-on experiences,” explained Burton. “Now students have the change to work with actual smoke-damaged materials in real-world settings.”

A schedule of course offerings is available at RSA website at