Hamilton, OH – December 19, 2011 - Kaivac, developer of the No-Touch Cleaning system, has donated one of its cleaning machines to the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS). 

  The organization, based in Piedmont, S.C., teaches students from around the world how to properly and safely clean crime scenes and perform other high-risk environmental disinfection services.

  NIDS is widely respected and is considered the top school in the nation, possibly the world, devoted to this type of training.

  Along with its campus in South Carolina, NIDS also provides training at the CRA, the Cleaning and Restoration Association’s training center in Sacramento, Calif., and offers courses in Melbourne, Australia.

  The organization is supported by such worthy organizations as Kimberly-Clark, DuPont, 3M, and others well known to the professional cleaning industry. 

  “NIDS has helped make crime scene and high-risk cleaning a science,” says Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac. “Because we are such strong advocates for bringing more science into cleaning, we were happy to help them.”

  According to Kent Berg, director of the Institute and founder of the American BioRecovery Association, “As part of our training programs, we emphasize the importance of proper cleaning and the failure of conventional methods of using rags, mops, etc. 

“I talk about the Kaivac [cleaning system] frequently as an alternative, but until now, we did not have one to actually demonstrate. Now we do and we are grateful to Kaivac for their generosity,” Berg said.