Philadelphia, Pa (PRWEB) -- February 28, 2009 -- Michael J. Tillman, CSHO, founder of Amdecon and a leader and master instructor in the crime and trauma scene biorecovery decontamination industry, announced today that all profits from Amdecon services and training will be donated to the Suicide Aftercare Association to assist grieving families after a suicide.

The Suicide Aftercare Association is a Philadelphia-based, 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Charity whose purpose is to provide no-charge postvention services, including biohazardous scene cleaning, primary crisis support, and general aid in the aftermath of a suicide attempt or completion.

Michael Tillman says he founded the association because directly after a suicide or suicide attempt the family is left to deal with the aftermath, including cleaning the attempt or completion scene. According to Mr. Tillman, "Many times the scene is gruesome and leaving this clean up to the family is reprehensible and inhumane." Mr. Tillman believes that there is a societal obligation to help all families during this devastating time. There is no charge to the family.

Suicide remains a public health crisis that results in over $25 billion each year in direct costs. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that in 1 day: 2225 people will attempt suicide, 89 people will die by suicide, 3.7 people will die by suicide in the next hour, and 1 person will attempt suicide every 38 seconds.