December 2011 – On December 14, Rytech Inc. held a National Franchisee Expansion Conference in Baltimore, Md.  The conference was well attended by many from around the Mid-Atlantic States.

  The conference examined the “Rytech Model,” presented by Rytech Inc. President William D. “Bubba” Ryan, and members of some insurance carriers that already work with Rytech shared their experiences.

The Rytech model is built on the foundation of caring customer service, controlling severity, cutting edge technology, and centralized administration. Vice president of claims at Florida-based Olympus Insurance Jake Palmquist said, “Rytech’s passion and persistence to get the job done right is a breath of fresh air in our industry.”

  The network that Rytech has created centers around the insurance claims industry, concentrating on water damage restoration.  Rytech has embraced the technological advances in recent years in restorative drying; major insurance companies have sadi they’ve realized that Rytech’s service saves them claim dollars.

Rytech’s next Expansion Conferences include stops in Houston in February and Chicago in March.