Typically when you think of a K-9 on the job, leader dogs for the blind and police dogs come to mind. But here’s an interesting story from The Post and Courier that talks about Trace, a dog that sniffs out mold and bed bugs.

From The Post and Courier: “Trace walks around the hotel room, sniffing the carpet, a chest of drawersand a nightstand before stopping at the foot of a bed in the room.

The dog’s owner, Ellen Douglas, calls her pause an “alert” and commands her, “Show me.” Trace points her snout at a spot nearthe foot of the bed and then again on a second command.

Douglas, owner of Carolina K-9 Detection, planted the sealed vials in the hotel bed to demonstrate how Trace, a black Labrador retriever mix, detects bedbugs and to make sure she is on her game.

She also owns Mason, a Rat Terrier mix. Both are trained to detect not only bedbugs but lurking mold as well.”

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