(Editor’s Note:RIA Development Advisor and Facilitator Pete Consigli, known by many as “The Commish,” has announced an RIA Donnybrook League first-ever "Special Reserved Seating" section as part of the room set-up for the Fall Conference Series in Baltimore next week, Nov. 18-22. The following should be taken with tongue planted firmly in cheek)

To All RIA Fall Conference Donnybrook Attendees::

In the front of the room, just behind the special presenters’ table (where all presenters should sit just before their stage time) and the Press table, there will be two special reserved seating sections with appropriate Red and Blue signage.

The reasoning is that people generally have a preference to either support the Red viewpoint (let the people decide what is best for them) or the Blue viewpoint (Govt. programs best serve the people). Therefore, the Red Section will be to the RIGHT and the Blue Section will be to the LEFT in our reserved section seating area.

Many people may be uncommitted , and can't decide, or don't want to publicly stand up and take a position.....therefore the Independents and Undecideds will have the largest seating area.

The fact that the majority will be non-committal supports the assertion that only the most serious and dedicated "players" have made a choice to be directly involved in the Donnybrooks and should therefore be respected for their commitment and leadership to advance a healthy, open and useful dialog for the betterment of their fellow RIA colleagues and the industry at large.

Best regards, and see you next week!

The Commish