MEDFORD, NEW YORK--(MARKET WIRE)--Dec 17, 2008 -- City officials and fire professionals from the Medford Fire Department gathered at the Medford Fire Department this weekend, where Servpro of Medford, a leading franchisor in the cleanup and restoration industry, presented the FIT-5 to the Medford Fire Department.

After learning about the FIT-5 and its role in helping fire departments in the region save lives and properties, Dave Kluger, President of Servpro Medford, made the decision to donate a FIT-5 to equip his local fire department. "As a community based organization with national recognition, we feel it is our responsibility to support our neighborhood and our local fire departments," said Kluger. "We are pleased to contribute to our community's fire safety by donating a FIT-5 to the Medford Fire Department."

"We are very appreciative of this generous donation by Servpro," said Fire Chief Frank Rivera of Medford Fire Department. "From what I have heard the FIT-5 is a device that can be a tremendous asset to first responders; we are looking at purchasing more FIT-5's in 2009 to outfit our other vehicles."

Brian Lynch of US Fire Tech, the local ARA Authorized Dealer, was instrumental in working with Servpro of Medford on their donation. "It is great to see that local organizations like Servpro of Medford are playing an active role in supporting their local fire department," said Lynch. "I look forward to working with more community organizations across New York to keep our communities fire safe."

ARA Safety's FIT-5 is a hand-held fire suppression device that when deployed, emits a chemical aerosol to interrupt and knock down a fire. Through quick fire suppression, the device can reduce temperature from 1,000 degrees to less than 300 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 15 seconds, making interior attack safer for first responders.