ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Charys Holding Company, Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Cotton Companies, a disaster recovery group of companies specializing in fire and water restoration services, has deployed first response resources to Houston, Texas in an immediate response to flooding caused by Tropical Storm Erin. The first day mitigation estimate for the Houston area shows this as the largest demand for service since Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, with indications of significant additional response demanded in the next several days.

Erin deluged the Houston area on Thursday, August 16th and poured more than 9 inches of water into the downtown area. The National Weather Service has extended a flash flood warning through Friday as the forecast calls for the potential of 1-3 more inches of rain. Instituting pre-planned response procedures, Cotton dispatched crews without delay to several high importance locations including schools, grocery facilities and a university location, a member of its Preferred Client Program, to begin immediate restoration.

Simultaneously, Cotton is on "ready alert" mode for immediate deployment of personnel and equipment as Hurricane Dean continues its path of impact toward Jamaica and Mexico. These critical disaster teams are in addition to day-to-day operations that have dispatched crews to Colorado, Tennessee, San Antonio, North Carolina and Georgia for remediation, fire restoration and reconstruction projects. Prioritization of operations continues in traditional mode, even as preparations are readied for the increasing hurricane activity.

Pete Bell, President of Cotton, commented, "The damage caused by natural disasters can be extensive, as well as diminish hope of the lives affected. Our trademark quick response and professionalism insures that lives and businesses are put back in order with minimal disruption. Now that the integration between Cotton and C&B has been completed we have more than adequate resources to