The initial installment of the newly formed JADCA Tsunami Relief Fund was presented during the National Air Duct Cleaner Association’s 22nd Annual Meeting & Exposition in Las Vegas, Nev., March 21-24. JADCA is Japan’s national association for the HVAC inspection, maintenance and restoration industry, and is NADCA’s oldest international partner organization.

This fund was established by NADCA on March 20 to help provide humanitarian relief for victims of the recent tsunami in Japan. The fund is focused on the HVAC system cleaning industry in Japan, serving the members of JADCA and their employees. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the members of JADCA and the people of Japan,” said John Schulte, NADCA Executive Director. “We remain hopeful for a speedy and full recovery and hope this gesture will help ease the burden brought on by this tragedy.” 

  Robert “Buck” Sheppard, former NADCA president, presented the $20,000 check to JADCA representative Mr. Ohmawari during the annual General Business Meeting. “In the spirit of international brotherhood and in keeping with the spirit of cooperation that has existed between NADCA and JADCA for over 20 years, the membership of NADCA decided to make sure that our peers in the HVAC cleaning industry of Japan were provided for in their time of need,” Sheppard said.

He added, “We realized that with all that has happened in Japan in the aftermath of this horrific disaster that many in our trade would need help, and we are happy to be in a position to provide the means for that help as they may need it.”   Mr. Ohmawari was moved by NADCA’s donation, and expressed his appreciation when he said, “With your precious support and well wishes as mental and spiritual sustenance, the Japanese people -- with courage, unity and public spirit -- shall certainly recapture a beautiful Japan; a Japan enclosed by those eternal mountains and magnificent seas.”

NADCA members who want to contribute to this effort can do so by sending in payments (recommended minimum donation of $100) to NADCA. All funds will be sent to, and administered by, JADCA. Contact NADCA World Headquarters for more information, at (202) 737-2926.