In 2016, I took on the role as CEO of Restoration 1. It didn’t take long for me to realize how unique the restoration industry is. With all the types of jobs we complete every single day between water damage, fire damage and mold remediation, we often work with outside services that help get the job done.

One of those outside services is plumbing. When a leak in your home turns into a flood, you need a plumber to fix the leak and a restoration expert to clean up the mess. It’s incidents like this that force our locations to work closely with plumbers in their local markets. And at the end of the day, referrals go both ways.

As I began thinking of ways to expand and add value to my restoration business, I knew that a plumbing partnership could potentially take my business to the next level. And a couple years ago, I made the decision to acquire bluefrog Plumbing & Drain. We immediately began growing that franchise opportunity alongside our Restoration 1 franchise network. These two brands have the ability to work closely together to serve a common purpose.

The added value of a complimentary service brand

It wasn’t long before I learned just how beneficial a well-branded plumbing franchise would make as an additional brand for our company roster. The last couple of years have been full of rewards since adding bluefrog to our interests.

Since the acquisition, we’ve relocated bluefrog headquarters to Waco, and opened a new HQ building that serves both bluefrog and Restoration 1. We’re growing the franchise network, adding support staff, and leveraging best practices across multiple brands.

As we continue to expand our services, we are constantly looking at the bigger picture. How can we grow? How can we be more than just plumbers or restorers? What does the next step look like? We’re focusing on strong systems, valuable training, comprehensive marketing and inviting the right franchise partners into the network.

Meet Lance Ray, owner of Restoration 1 in Colorado Springs

It was my goal for franchisees to see just how beneficial adding a plumbing brand to their business can be and now that vision is coming to life through Lance Ray in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ray opened his Restoration 1 location two years ago. In a short amount of time, he’s established one of the largest restoration teams in the system. And by already having experienced plumbers on his team, he knew owning a bluefrog Plumbing + Drain was the next best step for his business - making him the first franchisee on our roster to buy into both brands. 

Now that Ray operates both businesses, he has the ability to serve his community throughout the entire restoration process. He’s setting the standard for future franchisees who are looking to take their business to the next level. And together, we are committed to the exciting future ahead as we continue to position our brands at the forefront of their respective industries and look to add more complimentary service brands to our roster.