Recently, I had the privilege of listening to Jerry Seinfeld’s latest comic routine. Yes, in case you’re wondering, it was absolutely hilarious! He opened by telling the audience how proud he was of all who attended. We were all wondering, how could he be so proud of us?? The answer: he was impressed that we all made it to his show. We made a decision to look up local events, thought his show would be worth attending, found people to go with us, picked seats, bought tickets, printed tickets, showered, got dressed, found a ride to the arena, didn’t forget our tickets, hopefully didn’t forget a friend, found our seats, and sat down on time. All so we could, in Jerry’s words, hear him talk about nothing. He was simply proud that we had our lives together enough to put in all the effort needed to show up. This concept got me thinking.

How often in life do we forget to take a step back and look at just how much we are doing that might not make it on our “to do” list, but still gets done nonetheless. I challenge you to try this. To look at the preparation you’ve put in to your daily routine. The commitment you’ve made to the business. The continuing education classes you’ve taken to increase your knowledge base. The team you’ve built and been part of. The strategy on which you’ve spent countless hours working. The tools and products you’ve researched and bought. The sacrifices you’ve made to drop what you were doing after hours or on holidays to go clean and restore property that was just devastated. Your choices end up helping and impacting others who may be going through one of the most difficult times in their lives. Yep, I’d say it’s worth patting yourself on the back right now.

Sure, everyone has a job and everyone needs to make money. Still, I think it’s important for those of you in the restoration and remediation industry to appreciate what you, your team, and even your competitors are doing every single day. Remember the impact you’re having on people when things don’t always go as planned. We all have tough moments and times in our life and business. However, if there is anything I’ve learned from being in this industry and seeing what everyone does, it’s that this group is tough and can get through almost anything.

So, remember why you do what you do. Remember the positive impact you’re bringing to people who are struggling and hurting. Remember that the work you do is truly appreciated by so many. After all, where would everyone be without all of you? Well, we’d probably be in dirty water up to our waists in a burned down house with mold growing inside.

So, thank you for what you do, and keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.