I’m a sucker for my grandkids. I want them to have everything in life. All grandparents think like this, am I right? But there’s something they already have in huge abundance that I wish more adults could hang on to. And it’s visible everywhere you look as kids head back to school. In fact, if we could act more like kids in some regards, I’m sure our businesses and our lives would improve. 

So, as you say goodbye to summer, here are four things you should do today (which you used to do so well) that your kids master every day:

1) Be excited to learn new things.

With each new school year, kids tackle subjects they don’t know anything about. They might not like everything, but they will show up, participate, learn, and keep getting smarter. And they are excited in the attempt. Businesses offer the same opportunity. I see it happen far and wide across the Restoration 1 and bluefrog Plumbing + Drain franchise networks. The top franchisees are the ones constantly improving on a good thing. They take training to the highest levels. They are experts at what they do, and they always look for ways to get better. They have an energy for lifelong learning that makes them exceptional for their company, their employees, their customers and their communities. 

2) Come prepared.

The new clothes, the clean backpack, and the fancy school supplies are ready to go. This is how kids gear up to start off the new school year. But how often do we put that kind of energy and preparation into showing up at work? Nothing gets me more excited than franchisees with operational excellence. That includes skilled employees, great uniforms, clean vans, and all the tools to get the job done. We love it when our kids do great in school and make the grade. We should do the same thing with our business for our customers. 

3) Embrace change.

First grade is different from second grade. Middle school is different from high school. New teachers and new surroundings are a given. And kids just keep charging forward. To them, everyday is a new adventure. Change is the inevitable and necessary road to advancing. That applies to business too. If you want to graduate to the big leagues, be prepared to embrace change as systems evolve, as technology advances, and as teams grow. Don’t settle for the hum-drum path. Find your next adventure and go after it.

4) Enjoy recess.

Kids are getting ready to study hard and play hard too. They will tackle math tests as well as football games. There will be science fairs as well as school dances. That means school gets to be challenging and fun at the same time. We could all learn a few things from this as we try to put some fun into our workplace. The “dirty jobs” that our franchisees tackle across the country every day are a testament to their work ethic. But I am inspired by the rewards it delivers too. That can show up in team events, company conventions, family vacations and even comfortable retirements. 

So, as you try to forecast your forever future, take a closer look at the youngest of the young heading back to school. Chances are, you could learn a thing or two from them.