Man of Steel PosterAs you may recall, about a year ago we blogged about the hypothetical damage that was done to New York City based on the final scene from the smash-hit Avengers movie. Estimates were turned in by leading disaster assessment firm the Kinetic Analysis Corporation.

It was a neat spin on things, so neat that I lobbied near the end of that post that it do the same for another one of 2012’s summer hits – The Dark Knight Rises. That, unfortunately, never came to fruition (at least not to my knowledge).

However, I’m happy to report that one of this year’s hit action movies has already received a destruction analysis, this time from Watson Technical Consulting. That movie is the new Superman flick Man of Steel, which destroyed (pun intended) June box office records last weekend with about $130 million in ticket sales.

Before I continue, I should mention that this is spoiler-free in case you’re among the one or two people that haven’t seen the movie yet.

I was among those who took in Man of Steel on its opening weekend (it was awesome!) and I was particularly amazed by the final fight sequence where Superman dukes it out with General Zod over Metropolis. So what’s the damage estimate from this massive fight sequence? A whopping $2 trillion, including about $700 billion just in property damage!

Holy cow!

It’s also worth mentioning that these estimates don’t even include the other big fight sequence in the movie, which was set in the hero’s hometown of Smallville.

Check out the full report that Watson Technical Consulting (WTC) delivered to BuzzFeed, fittingly in the form of a Daily Planet-esque editorial by clicking here.

Oh, and a note to WTC – it looks like the entire world is in for a doozy in the upcoming World War Z. We expect a full destruction analysis.