Self-described germaphobe Howie Mandel has partnered with ISSA to launch “Rethink What Clean Means,” a national company promoting the importance of cleaning and supporting businesses in elevating their standard of clean.

To help raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness, Mandel stars in a unique online video series, “Howie Clean It,” taking viewers on a journey to discover the hidden grime in seemingly clean spaces. With the help of an ISSA pro, Mandel will inspire viewers to learn more about what clean means, share what they learned on social, and look for the Rethink Clean insignia to find businesses that are committed to cleanliness.

“If there’s one thing everyone knows about me, it’s that I’m a clean freak,” Mandel said. “However, what clean means to one person, might mean something totally different to another. Knowing we have experts, like ISSA, setting the standard for cleanliness gives me peace of mind when I’m at a hotel, out at restaurants or performing in large venues.”

A recent ISSA survey found American place a high value on cleanliness, but still need help understanding what’s clean and what isn’t. A business’ or public space’s cleanliness is determined by many factors, but smell is not one of them. However, three in four participants believe (42%) or are unsure (34%) that if a business looks/smells clean, then it is clean. Americans are also unaware of cleaning certifications and what they mean – over half (52%) have not heard of cleaning certifications.

“Now more than ever, we’re hyper focused on hygiene, germs, and keeping things clean. But when we’re out in public spaces, we often just have to hope these spaces are cleaned to the highest standard,” said ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “As the worldwide cleaning industry association, we want everyone to know that no one should compromise on cleanliness. There are standards, courses, and even certifications to ensure cleaning crews, facility managers, and others are equipped with the best cleaning procedures and protocols to offer the public peace of mind. This new normal is a chance for people and businesses to embrace a cleaner world than we ever imagined.”