ISSA has formed a distribution partner program with Staples. The partnership will allow ISSA to utilize Staples’ training facilities across the U.S. to host training and certification classes, and Staples will promote ISSA membership, training, consulting, and certification services.

“When we think about education in our industry, it always points back to people, the heart of the industry,” said ISSA director of education Brant Insero. “This partnership will allow us to bring certifications, training, and education to the masses.”

ISSA and Staples will work together to create career advancement opportunities that will help to elevate the cleaning industry.

“We have over two million businesses across the U.S. that we support, and hundreds of employees in the (janitorial/sanitization) space,” said Staples vice president of facility solutions Mike Cusick. “Combining the resources and best practices of ISSA with what we offer at Staples, it’s really going to make a powerful difference in the industry.”