Encircle has officially announced the newest feature to its field documentation app: Floor Plan. Unveiled at The Experience Tradeshow and Convention, the new feature allows restorers to scan a loss in just minutes within Encircle, and receive professional schematic floor plans the same day. 

Using the Floor Plan feature requires no additional equipment or extensive training. Technicians do not need anything other than their smartphone to create fast, accurate scans. These floor plans are finalized with all measurements and available in the Encircle file within mere hours, offering restorers consistent floor plans for their estimates and reports on day one of the job.

“Using the Encircle Floor Plan feature, there’s no need for restorers to spend hours measuring and sketching by hand, no need to purchase thousands of dollars in camera equipment, and no need to rely on having highly trained staff available to sketch a job,” says Kris Rzesnoski, vice president of Encircle. “Techs can use it on any size job, without any experience at all.”

Floor Plan will be available in the fourth quarter and marks the first of a number of features coming to the Encircle platform in the coming months. Customers can also expect to see enhancements to Encircle’s Hydro feature.

These updates to Encircle Hydro will allow a project managers to define their preferred water documentation process, and optimize their team’s task list to make sure critical job details are captured every time. Alerts and notifications will allow for job monitoring–making those involved aware of any issues so they can respond before it’s too late.

In addition, new integrations with equipment tracking and remote monitoring solutions from Phoenix DryLink and Kahi will allow restorers to manage their inventory of equipment, knowing which equipment is on a job and which is available for use.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all software out there for restorers, and that’s what makes integrations with partners like Phoenix and Kahi so exciting,” said Encircle CEO Paul Donald,. “It gives restorers more choice, so they can build a complete solution that works best for their business.”